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Australian clothing company pulls kids shirt due to backlash

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An Australian clothing company has pulled a shirt from its shelves after backlash from customers.

The shirt had the slogan “boys will be boys” branded on it.

The phrase is a controversial one, with its critics believing it excuses boys for bad behaviour on the basis of gender.

3AW Drive received several complaints about the shirt, being sold at Peter Alexander.

The company has since withdrawn the item from its shelves.

“We do not tolerate the behaviour that is being associated with this slogan. In the light of your feedback, we have decided to withdraw this item from sale,” the company said in a statement.

That news then led to others calling in.

Jenny told Tom Elliott she was a victim of domestic violence and it was “ridiculous” to think there was anything wrong with the shirt.

“It has to stop. It’s gone too far. There are so many rules. Nobody can be themselves any more,” she said.

“It’s a minority of women who want to be bullies.”

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word on the street