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Australian company says it has developed ‘revolutionary’ COVID-19 technology

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The fight to stop the spread of coronavirus has reached new heights, with an Australian company leading the way.

A Queensland biotech company has developed world first technology that can detect super spreaders.

The company has developed a test that can detect the “level” of virus in a person.

It’s a process that usually takes seven days, but the Queensland company has got it down to just 45 minutes.

Microbio chief scientific officer, Dr Flavia Huygens, said the company is ‘completely convinced this is revolutionary’ in the way the virus is detected.

“The current tests that are out there on the market look at the virus genetic material … but they don’t actually tell you the virus is in its active life-cycle,” she told Dee Dee Dunleavy.

“Our rapid tests will help inform a quick, accurate and precise way as to whether the virus is in that active cycle and whether it is actually copying itself in the human cell.”

Dr Huygens said the test will limit super spreaders in the community and stop clusters growing.

“Asymptomatic people can be carrying the virus,” she said.

“We will be able to inform whether those people (in the asymptomatic phase) are spreading the virus in it’s active growing phase.

“The benefit of our test is that is doesn’t require specialised equipment.”

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