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Australian Justine shot by US police: New details emerge

It’s been revealed Justine Damond was outside in her pyjamas after calling 911 to report a sex assault when the Australian woman was shot dead by US police.

Ross and John’s US correspondent, Bob Tarlau, told 3AW Breakfast Justine had approached the drivers’ side window of a police car that had responded to her call.

She spoke to the driver before being shot from the passenger side of the car.

The officers can then be heard communicating with their dispatcher over the police radio, including calling for back-up and their attempts to perform CPR on Ms Damond.

Police officer Mohammed Noor, 31, with just over two years experience, has been identified as the policeman who fired multiple shots.

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Earlier this morning, Justine’s fiance Don Damond held a brief press conference in which he told of his heartbreak and frustration at a lack of information from authorities.

“We’ve lost the dearest of people,” he said.

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