Victorian man shot dead in New Zealand


Image: Facebook

A 33-year-old Australian man has been shot dead in a random attack on New Zealand’s North Island.

He’s since been identified as Victorian man Sean McKinnon.

According to reports, he was sleeping with his partner in a campervan in the Te Toto Gorge carpark in Raglan when they woke to a man banging on the window.

He wanted the keys to the van.

When they refused, McKinnon was shot dead.

Reporter at Newshub NZ Ella Prendergast told Tom Elliott police have armed themselves as they continue their hunt for the gunman.

“At this stage police are following up on a number of leads, but they are yet to get any information on a strong lead and they’re still appealing to the public for any further information on this man,” she said.

More details have come to light since the Aussie tourist was found this morning.

“Police confirmed that at around 2am a man approached the van … The offender shot five shots at the vehicle, the man was injured, but the woman did escape the scene.

“She ran to get help and managed to alert police.

“The offender took off in the caravan with him still inside, and he was located around 8 o’clock this morning in Gordonton – around 80 kilometres away.”

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