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Australian snowboarder Scotty James should have ‘chosen his words more carefully’ after firing up at judges

Champion aerial skier Jacqui Cooper says snowboarder Scotty James should have chosen his words more carefully when he fired up at judges days before he’s due to compete at the winter Olympics.

James, a medal hopeful at the Games, was quoted today as saying he felt shafted by judges at recent competitions.

“I work so hard and some silly people behind the desk dictate some score which is really frustrating for me sometimes,” he said.

Tom Elliott said James had made a “goose of himself”.

But Channel 7 commentator and five time Olympian Jacqui Cooper said he might be stating the obvious, but he could have chosen his words more carefully.

“It will either harm him, and he’ll regret the day he ever said anything or it will put the judges on notice that the rest of the world knows there’s some favouritism there,” she said.

“Scotty feels like he’s able to say it. He’s a young guy, I’m hoping he’s not going to have to live and learn through that one.”

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