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Australian Medical Association declares climate change a health emergency

The Australian Medical Association has declared climate change a health emergency.

Dr Chris Moy, President of the AMA in South Australia, said there is “an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence about climate change, but more importantly, because our area is health, there are effects on health”.

“It’s based on scientific evidence, not because we’re pulling this out of a hat and feeling a bit green today,” he told 3AW’s Tom Elliott.

Dr Moy said climate change has many negative effects on health, and there is a clear link between rising temperatures and extreme weather events, and greater mortality in the eastern seaboard cities.

“The one’s people don’t realise are things like increasing chances of infections running through food and water sources,” he said.

“Also, particularly because of increasing temperature, increasing mosquito-borne type diseases.”

Dr Moy said the AMA did not want to get caught up in politics associated with climate change.

“What we are asking the Australian government to do is to find a solution to this and to find a strategy with as little fuss and politics as possible, with the greatest benefit and the least effect on jobs,” he said.

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