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Australian Open under fire for distributing Chinese bottled water

Tennis fans have expressed their disgust online that Australian Open is distributing bottled water from one of the most polluted countries in the world.

The “Ganten” water bottles have China listed as the country of origin on the back of the bottle.

Tom Elliott said it “defied common sense”.

“Australians do not want to drink Chinese water,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“I’ll hazard a guess and say that Chinese visitors here, perhaps in town for the Australian Open, don’t come to Australia to drink Chinese water.

“Chinese people in China don’t trust their own food and drink.

“For example, that’s why so much infant formula from this country ends up being sent to, you guessed it, China.

“What on earth is the Australian Open doing having bottled water from China. It defies common sense.”

3AW Drive received the following statement from Tennis Australia.

“The Australian Open has a long history of partnering with international brands, with current and past relationships including French water (Evian) apparel, hotels and cosmetics, Swiss watches and chocolate, Korean cars, Italian pasta, spirits and coffee, middle eastern airlines, Dutch beer, American entertainment, Japanese electronics and racquets, Chinese electronics and travel agents.

“We also partner with Iconic Australian brands such as Jacobs Creek, Coopers, Vegemite and Country Road.

“Australian Open 2017 attracted fans from 72 countries and was broadcast on 65 channels to more 220 territories and 900 million households. It is a truly global event.

“Ganten water is a premium brand that is associated with other major tennis and sporting events, including Juventus FC.

“The Australian Open continues to expand its global reach and partnerships, which helps to grow the sport at all levels in Australia.”

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