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Australian scientists restart controversial program of importing live monkeys for medical research

The CEO of an anti-animal testing group has slammed Australian scientists for restarting a controversial program of importing live monkeys for medical research.

Helen Martson, from Humane Research Australia, told 3AW Drive it was unforgivable.

‘We are opposed to all animal experimentation,’ she said.

‘But particularly primates for two main reasons.

‘First of all, these animals are highly cognitive with complex social structures. They’re so close to humans, it’s clearly an unethical practice.

‘It’s like if we were to perform this kind of research on children, innocent children.

‘Secondly, despite the genetic similarity ? which is quite often the reason they’re used ? there are so many subtle differences in gene expression and protein function.

‘Studies have shown that these intricate differences render monkeys an inappropriate model for human research.’

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