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Aussie swimming drug scandal: Shayna Jack names banned substance

Australian swimmer Shayna Jack has named the banned substance that left her unable to compete in the World Championships in South Korea.

The 20-year-old has revealed she tested positive for the non-steroidal anabolic agent “Ligandrol”, which is used to aid muscle growth and treat osteoporosis.

Jack maintains she doesn’t know how she ingested it, and she was devastated after learning it was found in both her A and B sample.

Australia’s anti-doping authority warned athletes about “Ligandrol” last year, as it was behind a growing number of positive tests.

Jack says she wanted to tell her teammates when she was first told of the suspension but didn’t want to distract them.

Jon Anderson says Mack Horton, who staged a controversial silent protest against accused drug cheat Sun Yang at the World Championships, has rights to feel let down by Swimming Australia for not informing athletes of Jack’s alleged indiscretion.

Horton has since said he backs the banning of Jack.

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Image: Delly Carr/Getty Images