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Australian swimwear making a splash globally

In October of 2016, nine Australian men were jailed in Malaysia for public indecency.


They were arrested wearing tiny swimsuits bearing the Malaysian Flag, and across the back was written “Budgy Smugglers”. That’s the name of an Australian company that is getting all sorts of attention, all over the world.

The founder is Adam Linforth, and he remembers that day vividly.

In this podcast Adam sits down with Ross Greenwood and tells how the journey began at a humble backyard BBQ.

It’s hard to know if Adam’s shtick is legit or if it’s part of the brand. I mean he’s selling swimsuits, but really, he’s selling attitude… so it wouldn’t really work to come across as tactical, measured and scripted.

People buy this product because the people behind it are just like them – regular blokes having fun.

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