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Australian undertakers send body bags, protective gear and disinfectants to Wuhan

Australian undertakers are lending a hand to their Chinese colleagues dealing with coronavirus deaths.

Last week, funeral homes in Wuhan reached out to Tobin Brothers Managing Director, James Macleod, who attended a conference in the city last year, asking for help.

As the number of coronavirus deaths surges to 425, undertakers in Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, desperately need resources including protective clothing, body bags and disinfectants.

Until they reached out to Mr Macleod, they also didn’t have any guidelines advising them on how to best stop the spread of the infectious virus when preparing bodies for burial.

“They were not really knowing how to deal with it,” Mr Macleod said.

“They just didn’t have access to that type of material.”

Tobin Brothers has written infectious guidelines, and organised a shipment of gloves, body suits, safety glasses, body bags and sanitisers, which will be sent to Wuhan tomorrow.

A second shipment of resources is expected to be sent early next week.

“Ironically, many of the things that they need, and don’t have access to, are manufactured in China,” Mr Macleod said.

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Image: STR / AFP