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Why Australians are failing to invest in electric cars

Australians are lagging behind the rest of the world and failing to buy electric cars.

Few charging stations, and a serious lack of subsidies are to blame, according to a new report by The Australia Institute.

Sales of electric cars in Australia are among the lowest in the world.

Matt Grudnoff, a senior economist at the think-tank, says there’s not enough incentives for Australians to purchase an electric car.

“Sales of electric cars are going down in Australia, not up, it makes up about one per cent of all cars,” he told Ross and John.

In Paris, officials have announced plans to remove all gas and diesel powered cars by 2030.

Mr Grudnoff believes there’s some simple ways to make it more attractive, like allowing electric cars to drive in bus lanes.

“In California you can get over $10,000 worth of subsidies and that makes it really attractive,” he said.

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