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Survey shows Australians not realising their ambitions, fearing failure and being labelled a ‘bragger’

A new survey suggests Australians might not be realising their full potential, with 7 in 10 nervous to voice ambitions or successes for fear of being called a “bragger”.

Research from CGU Insurance found more than half of Australians have thought seriously about starting a business.

The survey, of 2000 Australians and 1000 small business owners, found tall poppy syndrome and fear of failure were the main reasons holding Australians back.

“Our research shows that there’s a significant gap between ambition and action, with more than half of Australians seriously thought about starting a business or a side hustle, but in reality only 6 per cent have done it,” CGU Insurance small business spokesperson Kate Wellard said.

“Things holding us back are holding us back are tall poppy syndrome and a fear of failure.

“Eighty eight per cent of people want to be more ambitious in themselves, and 91 per cent want Australia to be ambitious.”

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