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Australia’s largest navy ship approaches the Port of Melbourne

At 230 metres long, Australia’s largest navy ship, big enough to transport, 100 vehicles, 18 helicopters and 1000 troops, is about to dock at the Port of Melbourne.

Commodore Greg Yorke, who Neil spoke with back in the 1990s when Yorke was the captain of HMAS Arunta, spoke to with 3AW Mornings from on board HMAS Adelaide.

“What a great Navy day out here on the water,” the Commodore said.

“She’s (the Adelaide) called upon to move army and equipment around, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.”

“It’s been nearly 20 years since I’ve been at sea, when I was on the Arunta,” the Commodore said.

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Listener Andy sent the above photo of the ship off Sandringham.

Photo: AAP – The HMAS Adelaide docked in Manila, Philippines, October 2017