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Australia’s most laser removed tattoo revealed!

The Southern Cross tattoo is no longer Australia’s most popular tattoo people want removed.

Owner and operator of Melbourne Tattoo Removal, Hilary Quinn, has told Tom Elliott the infinity symbol is the new front runner.

“The majority of people that seek removal of tattoos got them while overseas, just a link to home, to remind them,” she said.

“The most popular removal at the moment is the infinity symbol.”

Not so infinite then, is it?

Ms Quinn said, “20% of the work I work I do is ex-partner’s names!”

And it’s not the size of the tattoo, it’s how deep it is in the skin, she told Tom Elliott.

“I can get a whole sleeve off in a couple of treatments if it’s shallow,” she said.

Ms Quinn said if Collingwood footballer, Dane Swan, wanted to be free from tattoos it would take almost four years of treatment!

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