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Australia’s new dollar coin is designed to be given away to charity

(Image: Royal Australian Mint)

A new Australian dollar coin which is designed to be donated to charity has gone into circulation.

The Royal Australian Mint released 3.5 million of the coins, which feature a green centre and the words “give to help others”, this week.

Another 2.5 million coins will be released this financial year.

The ‘Donate Dollar’ has been released to coincide with International Charity Day on September 5.

CEO of the Royal Australian Mint, Ross MacDiarmid, said he hopes Australians who receive the distinctive coin will give it away.

“It’s all about … making sure it’s very distinctive so when people do receive it in their change they stop and reflect and, at the very least, think about donating.

“Within the next three years we’d be looking to do around 25 million, one for each man woman and child in the country.”

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