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Australia’s top 10 bushfire risk zones revealed (and they’re all in Victoria)

The top 10 most fire-prone areas in Australia are all in Victoria, a new report has revealed.

The report has ranked the risk of fire in all Australian postcodes based on financial lost expected to occur as a result of bushfires.

Andrew Gissing, general manager of Risk Fontiers, the assessment firm which published the report, said Victoria is “one of the most fire-prone parts of the world”.

“We experience this hot, dry climate during summer and we’ve got this abundance of fuel, in terms of our nice eucalypt forest.

“That’s a dangerous combination.”

Mr Gissing said homes within 100 metres of bushland are at a significantly elevated risk.

Australia’s top 10 most fire prone towns/suburbs:
  1. Halls Gap
  2. Mt Buller
  3. Jamieson
  4. Lavers Hill
  5. Shepparton
  6. Warburton
  7. Lorne
  8. Belgrave
  9. Wye River
  10. Bright/Harrietville

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Image: Peter Parks