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Australia’s top 20 most trusted brands revealed

Australian Reader’s Digest has released the results of its 21st annual survey ranking Australia’s most trusted brands.

This year, Band-Aid took out the top position.

The adhesive bandage brand also took out the top spot in the 2018 survey.

Last year’s winner, Dettol, slipped to third place this year.

Australian Reader’s Digest editor-in-chief Louise Waterson said Band-Aid brand has an unusual edge over most brands.

“It’s one of those special brands that has a name that’s actually the generic term for the product,” she told Tom Elliott.

“That’s recognised globally so that’s very special.”

Australia’s top 20 most trusted brands:

  1. Band-Aid
  2. Energizer
  3. Dettol
  4. Colgate
  5. Dyson
  6. Cadbury
  7. Qantas
  8. Dulux
  9. Finish
  10. Sanitarium Weet-Bix
  11. Weber
  12. Panadol
  13. Cancer Council Sunscreen
  14. Bega Cheese
  15. Bridgestone
  16. Vegemite
  17. Aeroguard
  18. Bunnings
  19. Toyota
  20. Victa

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