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Autistic teenager bashed by group of Sudanese youths on the bus at Tarneit

An autistic teenager who was brutally bashed on the bus by a group of Sudanese youths says he’s too scared to leave the house.

Max, 17, was travelling by himself on the bus at Tarneit on Saturday afternoon when the group approached him and demanded his phone and Nike sneakers.

‘When he wouldn’t hand them over, they attacked him,’ Max’s distraught mother told 3AW Mornings on Tuesday.

Max spoke with 3AW Drive later that day.

‘I’m scared to leave the front door of my house,’ he said.

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His mother called on the government to act.

‘For Christ’s sake just open your eyes and see what’s going on around you,’ Julie said.

‘There will be more than one life taken soon.

‘My son was lucky.

‘When is the government going to wake up?’

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