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‘Awful, absolutely awful’: Truck flips in fatal Princes Fwy crash

Two right lanes Geelong-bound lanes have been reopened on the Princes Freeway, after a semi-trailer overturned in a horrific crash at 3.20am this morning.

Speed limits near the collision site in Werribee South are set at 40 kilometres an hour.

All Geelong-bound lanes were closed for 12 hours today, following the accident.

Police confirmed the semi-trailer hit the wire rope barrier and overturned.

The male driver was crushed in the cabin and died at the scene.

Debris was strewn for 30m from the crash, which happened at Duncans Road.

The truck was carrying a dodgem car track.

Investigations are underway into the cause of the crash.

“Awful, absolutely awful” – click PLAY to hear police update Ross and John

Chris Miller from the Department of Transport urged drivers in the area to be patient, with long delays in the Williams Landing and Werribee area.

“The Princes Freeway is in good shape until you get to around about Williams Landing.

“Everyone’s being diverted off, in through the township of Werribee.

“There’s just a huge volume of travel down there.”

Meanwhile, a person has also died in a crash on Hertford Street in Sebastopol, near Ballarat.

2019 road toll: 233

Same time 2018: 177

(Image: 3AW listener Levi)