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Baby possum takes an unlikely journey through some household plumbing

A baby brush tail possum found itself in a spot of bother when it turned up in a toilet bowl after a lengthy journey in some household plumbing.

Nigel Williamson from Nigel’s Animal Rescue and Pest Control told Tom Elliott on 3AW Drive it was certainly one of a kind.

Luckily the adventurous possum was in good health after the rough ride (despite being a bit shaken and wet) and is recovering with a carer.

“I received a phone call on Tuesday night about 11.30pm for a possum that was actually in a toilet, I didn’t actually believe the guy to start off with so I got him to send me a photo, I thought it was going to be a rat,” he said.

“I have seen them in swimming pools before, they certainly can swim.”

“It was amazing how he got him self into the system in the first place.”

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