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Baby wipes to blame for sewage leak at Royal Melbourne Hospital


Baby wipes flushed down the toilet at the Royal Melbourne Hospital have been blamed for an incident that cause a sewage spill in the office of a very unhappy doctor.

As revealed on the 3AW Rumour File, a doctor was sitting in his office at the Royal Melbourne Hospital when he felt what he thought was a water leak.

After further examination, the doctor soon realised it was a sewage leak.

He was advised to get a change of clothes and shower immediately.

The leak, which happened last month, has now been thoroughly investigated.

It turns out patients had been flushing baby wipes down the toilet, causing a blockage which resulted in the unfortunate spill.

The doctor, who returned to work the following day has undergone tests.

The hospital now trying to spread awareness about the danger of flushing wipes down the toilet.

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