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Backwards running headed to Edenhope and the Olympics

If trampoline, BMX bike riding, canoeing and table tennis can be Olympic sports, then why not add backyards running to the fold.

Backwards running could be added to the 2020 Olympics sporting list. The sport is already big in Edenhope.  

Next month the Australian backwards championships over 100 yards will be held there.

Ross and John spoke to Ian ‘Couttsy’ Coutts on Wednesday who explained the race.

It’s called the Jimmy Tarpot Cup and is at the Apsley Cup Race Meeting in Edenhope on June 12.

Mr Coutts said it was named in honour of the Aboriginal cricketer Jimmy Tarpot who ran 100 yards backwards in 14 seconds at the MCG in 1866. 

The prize money is $2000 but an extra grand will go to the competitor who can beat 14 seconds. 

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