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Bali bombing survivor reacts to news of development at Sari Club site

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An Bali bombings survivor says “it’s preposterous” to suggest Australia can stop Indonesia from developing the site of the Sari Club.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he’ll seek to have the approval for a five-storey building overturned by Indonesian authorities.

Dozens of Australians were killed when a car bomb exploded at the site in 2002.

“Yes, 88 Australians died there but it doesn’t mean we get to tell the Indonesians what happens on their land.”
– Tom Elliott.

Nothing has been built on the land since.

George, who survived the attacks, said “ideally” it would be left as a memorial but said the government did not need to intervene.

“I don’t see it as a holy site,” he said on 3AW Drive.

“It’s not a burial ground for people. It’s where it happened.

“Are we going to stop using Flinders Street, or Bourke Street, because terror attacks happened there?”

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