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Banyule mayor says Australia’s mass murderers getting ‘free advertising’ by media

A local council in Melbourne’s north-east will lobby all levels of government to stop media reports on mass murderers.

As part of 3AW Drive’s regular Council Watch segment, host Nick McCallum raised concerns over the bold bid to censor publication of prisoners serving life sentences.

He said the Banyule Council was in danger of trying to control the media in a clash with the council’s mayor.

But Cr Craig Langdon said he believed Australia’s worst serial killers were getting ‘free advertising’.

The motion at a recent council meeting was triggered by a report of Port Arthur killer Martin Bryant.

‘I know a victim of the Port Arthur incident who went to the newspaper opened it up and saw all about Martin Bryant, that she suffered with depression for the rest of the day,’ Cr Langdon said.

‘Why should victims have to suffer?

‘Did they give a warning for those who don’t want to read this stuff? No.’

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