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Barnaby Joyce speaks with a farmer in need on 3AW Mornings

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says he can ‘never do enough’ for farmers in need, but has detailed a number of measures available to those affected by drought.

And those measures appear to have struck a chord with 3AW Mornings listener Colin.

Colin shared his story with Neil Mitchell on Friday, saying he had recently sold 600 cattle because he saw little future in the business with a ‘Godzilla’ drought on the horizon.

Mr Joyce said he was ‘moved’ by Colin’s story and that, sadly, they weren’t too uncommon.

‘I know these people, I grew up with these people, I still work with these people,’ Joyce said on 3AW.

‘We try to do everything in our power, within our financial capabilities, to help.’

The Nationals leader went on to explain a number of financial and tax measures on offer to farmers in need.

‘I know that no matter what I do? I can never do enough,’ Mr Joyce said.

‘Only God can make it rain.

‘But we can try to do our very best.’

Colin said a number of the measures ‘opened his eyes’ but he had no idea they existed.

‘I didn’t know about any of that,’ he said.

‘I’m hoping every farmer in Victoria is listening to what they can get and make an application for it.’

LISTEN: Barnaby Joyce and Colin join Neil Mitchell on 3AW Mornings