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Barnaby Joyce speaks with Neil Mitchell about Heyfield mill and Hazelwood power station

Barnaby Joyce has made a last-ditch effort to save the Heyfield timber mill.

250 jobs are set to be lost, with the mill due to close in September next year.

Mr Joyce has written a letter to Daniel Andrews, telling Neil Mitchell he wants to see the areas excluded from timber harvesting because of the Leadbeater’s possum reassessed.

‘It just seems like the possums aren’t so much endangered as the timber workers,’ he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Joyce also took aim at the Victorian government’s handling of the Hazelwood power station.

It will shut down this week.

There are fears of blackouts in Victoria.

‘It is your state’s problem and your state has to fix it,’ Mr Joyce said.

‘Daniel Andrews should have been awake to this ages ago.

‘We’re sitting back just watching this unfold in front of us.

‘He doesn’t even have a plan.

‘I tell you what – nobody gets worried about pollution if nobody has a job.’

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