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Barnaby Joyce’s ex-wife Natalie now a ‘happy and healthy’ competitive bodybuilder

Natalie Joyce, the ex-wife of former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, has spent no time wallowing after the breakdown of their marriage – and has transformed herself into a competitive body builder!

Joyce left his wife for his younger staffer, Vikki Campion, who he has a baby son with and another on the way.

Ms Joyce, 49, has stepped out on stage in Newcastle over the weekend and revealed her new body.

“This is almost heroic for me,” Neil said.

“She has turned herself into an elite bodybuilder

“I don’t care what she looks like, I do care that she’s had the guts, the strength, the focus to say, I’m not going to sit around, I’m going to lift myself out of this funk.

“It’s inspirational in a way, she looks happy, she looks fit, she looks healthy.”

Psychologist Anne Hollonds said in a personal crisis people tend to go one of two ways.

“They either do something positive like this or they become quite self-destructive,” Anne said.

“It’s the grief, the sense of losing control in your life, how you deal with it depends a lot on you, your personality and your support team.”

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