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Barry Hall violently clubs local football opponents, sparking flashback to infamous incident


Former AFL bad boy Barry Hall has been caught on camera striking two opposition players in the space of seconds.

Playing local football in Queensland, Hall reacts violently after being tackled by the first opponent.

Hall then lashed out another player who came in to remonstrate.

Hall was offered a two-match suspension, but that dropped to one-game after pleading guilty.

The initial incident looks eerily similar to Hall’s infamous punch on West Coast’s Brent Staker in 2008.

Hall admitted this year that the blow could have killed Staker.

Speaking on SEN on Saturday before the game, Hall pre-empted an “Alastair Lynch style” finish to his career.

Lynch was suspended for 10 games and fined $15,000 after he threw several punches in a free-for-all with Darryl Wakelin in the 2004 grand final.

“I’ve heard some rumours they’re going to try and get me sent off somehow – there could be Alastair Lynch style exit to my career.” Hall joked.