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Bashed and bitten by vandals in Templestowe

A Templestowe man who was bashed, bitten and nearly run over has spoken about his harrowing attack.

Paul Cenci told Neil Mitchell a man entered his property uninvited and became aggressive very quickly.

Mr Cenci said he was left cut and bloodied after a long scuffle with the man and another woman.

‘Before I knew it, he had his hands on my throat,’ Mr Cenci said.

A bone in his shoulder has a chip from where the male attacker bit him.

The woman threw concrete at him, and threatened him with her car.

The pair stole his phone, and then fled in a white Hyundai.

Click play to hear Mr Cenci’s story

Images have been released this morning of the two offenders – a man and a woman both believed to be aged in their 20s.

Police say they went to a vacant property in Fitzsimmons Lane about 4pm on Monday, February 15.