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Bayside on the brink: Push for stronger heritage protection after historic homes demolished

Historic Melbourne homes are being torn down due to inadequate heritage schemes which leave them vulnerable.

Homes built in the post-war period are at particular risk, with two mid-century houses designed by renowned architects demolished this month.

Victorian CEO of the National Trust of Australia, Simon Ambrose, said poor heritage protection for houses built in the City of Bayside means the area’s mid-century history is crumbling.

“The whole area of Beaumauris and the Bayside council is a hotbed of architectural expression,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“Lots of very innovative design and young architects.

“We’re sadly starting to see many, many of them lost.”

This month, an award-winning 1966 Brighton home designed by architect Geoffrey Woodfall was torn down. Meanwhile, a Beaumaris mid-century home designed by architect Charles Bricknell was also demolished, despite objections from the National Trust.

Mr Ambrose called on the Bayside community to pressure the council for tougher heritage protection laws to ensure more mid-century homes aren’t torn down.

“This is now the time for the whole community to stand up and say to the City of Bayside ‘look after your heritage and protect it’,” he said.

“There are some amazing properties … which are not being protected.”

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