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Bayside scalpers: There’s a new black market emerging on Melbourne’s beaches

Beachside parking permits are being sold online and the Bayside council doesn’t know how to stop them.

Many councils sharing the Port Phillip coastline offer parking permits to residents so they can enjoy their beaches without paying expensive parking fees.

Each household in the City of Bayside — which includes Brighton, Black Rock and Sandringham — can access up to two passes.

But some are viewing the passes as a money-making opportunity, with passes are now appearing in online marketplaces at inflated prices.

The Leader reports passes are being sold for as much as $200.

Mayor Laurie Evans told Ross and John it was “tricky” to create by-laws that prevent the re-selling.

“It’s within the law, but not within the good faith of what they’re meant to be,” he said.

“We want to make them transferable so they can be used within the family.

“Someone’s thought about a naughty way to do it.”

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