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‘Been through a hell of a lot’: Mick Malthouse gives an insight into Dean Laidley

AFL coaching great Mick Malthouse has given Neil Mitchell an insight into Dean Laidley after his arrest at the weekend.

Laidley is facing stalking and other charges after he was arrested in St Kilda on Saturday night.

He remains in custody.

A senior constable at Victoria Police has been suspended and is potentially facing his own charges after photos of Laidley in custody were leaked.

One image showed Laidley wearing a long blonde wig and a dress, while another showed his official mug shot and identification.

Malthouse, who coached Laidley at West Coast and then employed him as an assistant at Carlton, said he had not spoken with Laidley for a while but knew he’d endured plenty of hardship.

“He has been through a hell of a lot,” Malthouse said.

Neil Mitchell asked Malthouse if Laidley’s issues were part of a wider issue.

Laidley is the latest of several former coaches to experience problems in their post-footy life.

Danny Frawley and James Hird faced mental health battles, while Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson ended up in court on drug charges (he was cleared of trafficking) but openly admitted to using them.

“I don’t know Dean Laidley. I don’t want to paint him as a victim – he’s facing very serious charges, not all of which have been made public.

“He was a victim of that atrocious action by some police, but he is before the courts and will be dealt with, like anybody else.”

– Neil Mitchell.

Malthouse said the nature of the job meant it was very isolating.

Sadly, he said men often didn’t help their own cause, either.

“Men don’t gravitate to support,” he said.

“They actually tend to shun it.

“They tend to walk away from it and isolate themselves.”

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