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Beer-lovers revolt: How much tax you’re paying for an amber ale

Beer-lovers are being urged to revolt as tax on the amber ale is set to soar.

As much as 42 per cent of a stubbie’s price is tax, making Australia the fourth-highest taxer of the drink worldwide.

An new increase this year will take us to third place.

The beer industry, unsurprisingly, has had enough and wants to start a consumer-led revolt.

“I don’t think punters understand how much tax is involved,” Brewers Association of Australia chief Brett Heffernan told Tom Elliott on 3AW Drive.

“When we explain these things to people, they’re not impressed.”

Brewers say 84 per cent of Australians drink within recommended guidelines and the rate of alcohol consumption among children is in decline.

“But the tax keeps ratcheting up nonetheless,” Heffernan said.

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