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Bernard Salt sums up the smashed avocado debate

It’s made headlines around the country, been mentioned in parliament and even got a run on the BBC.

KPMG demographer Bernard Salt joined Neil Mitchell in the Ideas Factory to give context to a piece he wrote on young people struggling to save for a house. 

But it was the line about the smashed avocado that got people talking.

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The columnist wrote about millennials spending $22 on breakfast a few times a week rather than saving for a house – but he encouraged context around his article.

‘This is what middle aged people think when they are in those cafes – look at those young people, how can they afford that shouldn’t they be saving for a house?’

He said it was sometimes the ‘thought-line’ of middle-aged people – unfair or not – that young people could do more to save for a house. 

But he said the problem was more to do with Melbourne becoming a global city.

‘If Melbourne is a global city, then the housing market will become as difficult to get into as it is in London, Paris, Tokyo or New York,’ he said.

‘What we need to do is find a way to enable Generation Y to get access to the housing market.’

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