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Bettina Arndt says Australians are being ‘fed a lie’ about domestic violence

Victorian kids being ‘fed a lie’ about domestic violence, says Bettina Arndt.

The author and social commentator has taken aim at the new ‘respectful relationships’ program being introduced in Victorian schools.

The state government is spending almost $22 million on the program over two years.

Under the program, students are introduced to the concept of ‘male privilege’ and taught the dominant form of masculinity is associated with higher rates of violence against women.

Ms Arndt said it was outrageous and offensive ‘feminist propaganda.’

‘It’s just appalling that our little boys are being taught there’s something wrong with them,’ she told Neil Mitchell.

Ms Arndt said there was no link between the attitudes of young boys and domestic violence.

‘It’s totally wrong,’ she said.

‘There’s no decent evidence, at all, to show that changing attitudes of kids in schools has anything to do with changing the problem of domestic violence.’

She also rejected claims most domestic violence was perpetrated by men.

‘If we look at the overall picture, most violence is two-way violence,’ she said.

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