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Bicycle Network pushing for ‘black boxes’ in cars to override bad drivers

Bike riders want Victoria’s worst drivers to have their vehicles fitted with ‘black box’ GPS trackers which could override their bad driving habits.

It’s part of an overall plan by the Bicycle Network to get risky drivers off the road.

Drivers would also be forced to attend counselling, and the number of demerit points they can accumulate before they’re banned would also be reduced.

In a radical move, it’s also proposing black boxes be installed in the cars of serial offenders which would use the latest technology to stop them drifting into bike lanes and even brake in emergency situations.

CEO of the Bicycle Network Craig Richards told Neil Mitchell serial driving offenders should have things like automatic braking and lane support systems fitted to their cars.

‘We just think if you’re a serial offender, you should have some of the ability to control the vehicle taken off you,’ Mr Richards said.

‘This can be done in real time. You could actually cut the engine off the vehicle.’

Mr Richards acknowledged it can be seen as intrusive, but he said it is warranted in these circumstances.

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