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The bid to save the last of the Bogong High Plains brumbies

The last of the wild brumbies in the Bogong High plains are being targeted by a government culling program.

As reported in the Herald Sun, the last of this state’s wild brumbies now number about 100, and there are plans to trap and remove them.

But Colleen O’Brien, president of the Victorian Brumby Association told Ross and John the deer in the area far outnumber the brumbies.

“We’ve got a situation in the Bogong high plains and the population is very low, it’s a pretty low population in a very large area,” Colleen said.

“Parks Victoria released information saying the health of the park is excellent.

“They reckon there’s about 370-420 deer per brumby.

“The deer population is out of control.”

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Photo: AAP