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Big smoke to big open roads: City slickers could halve their debt with a country change

New research suggests residents of outer metro suburbs would be financially better off living in regional centres.

Co-CEO of the Regional Australia institute, Liz Ritchie, says residing in regional Australia brings many benefits.

“Regional Australia is currently home to nine million people,” says Ms Ritchie.

“Right now there is around 43 thousand job vacancies, with a mix of high, medium and low skill jobs.

“Average house prices in metropolitan areas are just under $800,000, where as in regional centres you’re looking at around $300,000.”

With a rise in entrepreneurial spirit and people working from their home, moving regional provides a good opportunity for Australians to reconsider their lifestyle.

“I would love to see corporate Australia really promoting the opportunities for more flexible work practices,” Ms Ritchie said.

“We are looking to ensure our beautiful regions are part of our future and that people are taking the opportunity to reside in regional Australia.”

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