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Bike boom: Cycling lobby calls for road changes to cope with coronavirus traffic

Bicycle traffic has tripled during lockdown across Melbourne city.

As a result, Craig Richards from the Bicycle Network has told 3AW Breakfast the state should be using the change in behaviour to trial more bike lanes.

He says people will continue to ride instead of catching public transport when they return to work so they can keep their distance.

“What going to happen over the next few moths as people do go back to work … is people will be reluctant to go back to public transport,” Mr Richards said.

“They’ll either get back in their cars or we can encourage people to get onto a bike.”

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While Ross and John are big fans of bike cities and making changes to make cycling safer, they’re not convinced Melbourne is ready to push large groups of cyclists onto the roads.

“I wouldn’t want my children cycling everywhere,” Ross said.

“Given the way Melbourne roads are structured and the way motorists drive, I wouldn’t have thought it was safe.”