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Bike plan to cut street parking

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The Deputy Chair of Melbourne’s Transport Committee has told Tom Elliott to expect less CBD street parking and more bike hoops in the coming years.

The Committee has released details of its 2016 – 20 Bicycle plan to be considered by Council next Tuesday.

Stephen Mayne, Deputy Chair of the committee, told Tom Elliott the number of people cycling in the city has risen to about 20,000 each day, which is 25% of all morning trips into Melbourne’s CBD.

‘We have to manage cars versus bikes and pedestrians,’ Mr Mayne said. ‘It’s a constant juggling act.’

Mr Mayne said he would like to increase bike hoops from 2500 to about 4500, resulting in less on street parking for Melbourne traffic.

‘You can’t just have bikes all over the place so we’re looking to manage that with a big investment in hoops.’

Listen in full as Tom Elliott speaks with Stephen Mayne about the plan