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Bill’s bulkbilling budget reply: $2.3 billion to make cancer treatment affordable

Bill Shorten has pledged $2.3 billion to cover up to 6 million free cancer scans, 3 million free appointments with specialists, and affordable medicines within Labor’s first four years, if it wins the election.

“Our aim is lift the bulkbilling and scans, and consultations from 40 per cent to 80 per cent,” The Opposition Leader told Neil Mitchell.

“What we’re doing is putting more resources on the table to eliminate the gap, which runs into thousands of dollars.

“The problem we’re trying to solve here, is that I think a lot of Australians who don’t have the immediate challenge of cancer think it all gets paid for.

“But once you’ve got the diagnosis, the out of pockets are horrendous.”

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Neil asked Mr Shorten if the “drought” between the Labor Leader and the 3AW Mornings program was broken.

“We will talk, yes!” Mr Shorten replied.

“It’s now the business end of the political football season, so let’s talk.”