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Bit ruff? Why dogs have been banned from local footy

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Dogs have been banned from footy and netball matches in Melbourne’s east.

Recent incidents, including a player’s child being bitten two weeks ago, have prompted the Outer East league to put their foot down.

Fans are being asked to keep their dogs at home for the rest of the season, and league official Tony Mitchell told 3AW Breakfast “in finals we’ll probably really push the envelope”.

“I’ve probably been on the bandwagon for a few years,” he said of the move to ban dogs.

“It’s sport; surely to God, for one day a week or a few hours a week you don’t have to bring your dog to the game.

“It’s a people environment, and that’s what we want it to be – a family environment.

“People bring their dogs and all they end up doing on most occasions is sit on the bench, watching the game – so what’s the dog actually getting out of it?

“You walk the dog, that’s usually what you do with dogs on the lead.”

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