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Bizarre theft: Hundreds of bottles of wine stolen from Melbourne restaurant, nappies left in return

Rumour confirmed

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Hundreds of bottles of wine have been stolen from a high-end restaurant in Melbourne’s inner-west, and two packs of nappies have been left in their place.

About 260 bottles of wine, valued at an estimated $10,000, were stolen from a storeroom below Navi restaurant in Yarraville in the early hours of Monday morning.

Navi owner and chef Julian Hills says the wine was stored in a cage in a storage area below the restaurant, which is also used by tenants of an apartment building.

“I wasn’t the only one to lose stuff,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“They stole everyone’s bikes.”

The brazen thieves broke into the restaurant four hours after the storage theft, while police were attending the complex.

The alarm went off and luckily nothing was stolen from the restaurant.

Mr Hills said he doesn’t think the nappies were a practical joke, but his partner is expecting a baby.

“It’s just them emptying a box to put bottles in,” he said.

“They must’ve known I was about to have a baby.”

Luckily, Navi’s premium wines are stored elsewhere, and were not stolen.

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Rumour confirmed