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Black Saturday victim fights back tears on 3AW, says he’s convinced they’ll ‘cop it again’ this summer

must listen: steve shares his story

A Black Saturday survivor who’s still struggling to come to terms with the 2009 firestorm says he’s convinced they’ll “cop it again” this summer.

Steve, who lost nine neighbours at Marysville in 2009, fought back tears while speaking with Neil Mitchell on Tuesday.

He was prompted to call 3AW after hearing a discussion about the armed forces being deployed to help respond to any fires this summer.

“We’d have been buggered without ’em,” Steve said of the 2009 fires.

“They fed us.

“They kept looters off our property.

“They helped with the recovery of bodies and the morgue situation we had up there.

“The police and the services and fire brigade that were up there dealing with the situation would have been absolutely buggered if the military weren’t there helping them.”

Steve said he was bracing for the worst again, just over 10 years on.

“There’s another one coming,” he said.

“The bush is worse now than what it was before Black Saturday.

“It’s a time bomb ready to go off.

“I think it’ll be this year that we’ll cop it again.”

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PICTURE: Lucas Dawson/Getty Images.

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must listen: steve shares his story