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Blairgowrie heroes haul swimmer to shore in marathon rescue

Three men have banded together to save a man being quickly sucked out to sea at Blairgowrie surf beach.

Jack O’Sullivan and Liam Grigg were playing soccer on the beach when the 56-year-old swimmer’s alarmed wife told beachgoers she could no longer see her husband.

Without thinking twice, Jack and Liam borrowed nearby bodyboards and paddled more than 500m to man struggling in rough seas.

Jack and Liam told 3AW Breakfast they were joined by a third man, and the trio spent more than two hours in the water trying to bring the man back to shore.

‘We did bronze camp about 10 years ago, but that’s the first time we’ve pulled someone out of the water,’ Jack told Justin and Kate.

Click play to hear Jack and Liam speak with Justin and Kate.

Meanwhile, 3AW is claiming some credit for the heroes Liam and Jack have become, as they once did work experience at the station.

‘My claim to fame is falling asleep during the Ross and John show about 10 years ago,’ Liam said.

It’s a good thing his stamina is a bit better in the ocean…