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Bloody hypocritical: Neil Mitchell on alleged Labor printing rort

A frustrated Neil Mitchell has called out the ‘hypocrisy’ from both sides of state parliament following the news of an alleged Labor budget rort.

The Herald Sun reports that staff in Labor MPs’ offices created false invoices to claim payments from state parliament for printing work that was never done.

The printing firms took a small cut and sent the rest of the money back to MPs’ offices.

“And they call Matthew Guy a crook for going for a lobster dinner,” Neil said.

“That’s the annoying factor, the bloody hypocrisy in this.

But why am I surprised, you get it from both sides.”

Legislative Council president Bruce Atkinson confirmed the matter is being investigated.

“If the story is right these allegations are deeply disturbing and do constitute fraud,” Mr Atkinson said.

“Any criminal activity will be referred to police or IBAC.”

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