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‘Bloody madness’ | Neil Mitchell says legal restriction is putting female doctors at risk

Neil Mitchell says it’s “lunacy” female doctors in Melbourne’s northern suburbs can’t be warned about a convicted rapist who is reportedly demanding to see female doctors.

The man is based at Corella Place, a facility that houses convicted paedophiles and sex offenders who have finished serving prison sentences.

The Herald Sun claims the man has been travelling to GP clinics in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, requesting appointments with female GPs.

But he can’t be named or even a picture shown due to legal restrictions.

The Australia Medical Association can’t even warn its own members he may be travelling to their clinic.

“We are talking about a man who is a convicted rapist targeting female GPs, obviously in the privacy of their consulting suite, we know his history and we can’t do anything to warn people about it – that is bloody madness,” Neil Mitchell.

“That is the system working for the crook against the innocent.”

The 3AW Mornings host spoke with Dr Lorraine Baker from the AMA about the matter, before seeking legal advice from Justin Quill.

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