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Blunt criticism: Is James ‘uncomfortable’ with X Factor fame game?

3AW Breakfast entertainment reporter Peter Ford has stood by his criticism of international X Factor judge James Blunt.

Ford revealed Blunt contacted him this week after Ford accused the high-selling singer hypocrisy.

In a recent interview, Blunt said no one should pursue fame: ‘I wouldn’t wish fame up on my worst enemy; it’s desperately shallow,’ he said.

Ford found the comments bizarre – ‘It seems odd he’s expressing these views, and then he’s a mentor (on The X Factor)’ – and tweeted us much.

Blunt contacted Ford to discuss his comments.

‘I think he objects to me using the word ‘hypocrisy’, but basically he’s in agreeance with me,’ Ford told Kate and Peter.

‘I think he is uncomfortable with aspects of the show and the fact that fame is used as a kind of bait or lure to get these kids in, and it doesn’t really set them up with any long-term career.

‘He’s hoping … he will bring a sense of reality to it all.’