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BoM ups chance of El Nino this year, meaning it’ll be hotter and drier this summer

The Bureau of Meteorology has upped the chance of an El Nino this year, meaning there is triple the risk of of hotter and drier conditions in the coming months.

Dr Andrew Watkins, manager of Long-range Forecast Services at the Bureau of Meteorology, told Ross and John the odds of an El Nino event is now at about 70 per cent.

“That’s about triple the normal risk,” Dr Watkins said.

“El Nino is really about the warming of the Pacific Ocean, and that’s been getting quite a bit warmer these past few weeks.

“We’ve basically seen a weakening off of the trade winds along the tropics, which enables the ocean to warm up.

“Is it anything to do with global warming?” Burnso asked.

“No, this is a cycle which has effected Australia’s climate for millennia, this is a fairly natural process.

“Unfortunately, (it means) less rain.

“It probably pushes it back to late summer, early autumn unfortunately.”

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